LAI’s New Video Interview Series about Culturally-Focused Video Games – Mexico & Day of the Dead

This month marks the start of our new video interview series beginning with an independent developer based in Mexico City!  Our interview series highlights game companies that create video games inspired by culture and rooted in regional tradition.  Below is our 3-part interview series with Phyne Games, a company recently featured on MTV for Mictlan - a game based on Day of the Dead.  The entire interview can also be viewed on our YouTube playlist.


Part 1 includes an introduction describing the state of the video game industry in Mexico. Part 2 marks the beginning of the interview and Part 3 the second half and conclusion. If you have suggestions for improvements or interest for future participation in a LAI interview, please tweet us @LanguageAutoInc.


Part 1: Introduction to Phyne Games and the Mexican video game market

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