Episode 3 – LAIzer & Gaijin Goombah in China!

What kind of difficulties will LAIzer and Gaijin Goombah face in China? Beware – the Fumon are reeking havoc!


[youtube 7_5E4ufk8Fw&feature=share&list=UUxNcCtPqqGIMEDwDACPVoHg nolink]

Episode 2 – Localization Heroes LAIzer & Gaijin Goombah Combat Ignorance!

LAIzer explores game localization alongside Gaijin Goombah – combating the ignorance enshrouding the overall process and fighting off the Fumon one by one!


[youtube A3_FEv7o8Ek&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PLVvq7ZsdyPnpiGVfN94CLRQ2c_y1rWnSc nolink]

LAIzer & Gaijin Goombah – The Game Localization Webshow

Gaijin Goombah and Language Automation, Inc. have come together to bring you a show that will shed light on various localization issues. The Fumon Clan have exploded in number and are causing mayhem across game worlds. It’s up to the dynamic duo of LAIzer and Gaijin Goombah to eliminate the threat of widespread torrent of ignorance and misunderstanding that the Fumon have unleashed.

Check out our pilot episode, and be sure to check back as we make improvements and explore game localization across different regions of the world: