Did you know that more than 50 percent of worldwide video game revenue comes from markets outside the U.S.? Ignoring this opportunity is a risk that game developers can no longer afford to take. To maximize return on investment and remain competitive, the market demands that your games be localized and deployed worldwide. Localization is strategic to your business! But with what seem to be thousands of translation companies out there, how can you choose one that best serves your needs?

When you look for a company to localize your video game, you need a high-quality translation done fast, efficiently and at a competitive cost. That requires a company that both understands the culture of the games market and has developed an efficient, agile process for getting your games translated. This is where Language Automation Inc. (LAI) comes in. LAI is the leader in agile game localization. Based on patented technology, our proprietary agile process enables us to localize your game efficiently, then respond rapidly to your content changes and updates so they can be handled quickly and easily.

At LAI, our teams of experienced, highly-skilled game translators work collaboratively with one another and with you in a proprietary streamlined process developed by LAI. The result is truly high-quality game localization, delivered on time and at an affordable cost. This enables you to do what you do best—creating great games—while we focus on what we do best—making your games ready for worldwide deployment. Read on to see why you should put strategic game localization into LAI’s capable hands.

Focus on Games

Many translators are out of touch with games culture, treating game translation like any other translation. At LAI we focus solely on the video game market, so we understand the needs of game developers and game publishers. Our proprietary localization process optimizes and cost-reduces game localization. We also cover all aspects of game localization, offering both voiceover recording and linguistic QA testing as part of our service. And our management team has nearly 40 years of combined experience in gaming, localization and technology at Fortune 500 and leading technology companies. We can also translate your internal and external game documentation, website and other related content, to help you manage the game and the community. This can help you get to market faster, especially if you are a publisher working with an overseas developer.

Skilled Teams of Game Translators

All of our translators and reviewers are experienced gamers, game localizers and native speakers of the languages into which they translate. Many also have backgrounds in creative writing and literature. Based around the globe, our translators take into account key cultural and linguistic factors necessary for a truly high-quality translation of your game, regardless of the language you require. This ensures the localized product will provide the best quality gaming experience for the target audience. Among the 30 languages we translate, we are particularly strong in English-to-French, -Italian, -German and -Spanish, Japanese-to-English, Chinese-to-English and English-to-Portuguese.

Efficient Game Localization Process

At the heart of our game localization process is ALF (Agile Game Localization Framework), an automated workflow system that makes game localization far more efficient and less costly than conventional game localization. Read on here to learn more about how ALF streamlines the whole process of game translation, saving clients’ time and money.

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