Mistranslations in Practice – A Short Story


This blog post is a little different than the others.  In this entry, you will read the tale of a gamer embarking upon an adventure, an adventure through a game unlike any other…a game riddled with odd happenings and strange occurrences, a game that takes you back to games of ancient times, a game that transforms the gamer’s entire gaming experience, a game that…well, you’ll see…


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Translation Conferences May – December 2012


It’s a job and a half finding all of the industry conferences and events happening around the world, so we made life easier for you by providing a comprehensive list of relevant translation conferences and locations/dates.  Also check out our earlier post with video game conferences and which ones we will be attending.… Read More

Translation and Localization in World of Warcraft


Ever wonder how translation works in a massive, constantly evolving game like World of Warcraft?  In The Game Localization Handbook by Heather Maxwell Chandler and Stephanie O’Malley Deming, the authors list tips specific to MMORPG’s (118):

-          Treating each patch as its own localization cycle

-          Ensuring proper communication between translators and the development team to avoid rewrites

-          Monitoring the progress of writers and translators/the QA team so original content is not developed too far ahead of the translation

-          Being wary of the inevitable fatigue of translators specializing on specific aspects of the MMO

WoW is available in ten languages via free language packs, including English, German, European and Latin American Spanish, French, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Korean. … Read More